We are a direct primary care medical practice serving businesses and individuals with offices in Gainesville and Alachua Florida. Ultimately, that means you or your employees get excellent medical care, when you need it, without having to jump through the hoops of a traditional medical practice. Over two thousand members love it, and we think you will too.


More time for you

Fewer Patients Means More Time for You

Because we have taken insurance companies out of the primary care equation, costs come down. Providers at traditional medical practices see as many as twenty-five patients per day compared to our’s who see six to eight. That means you get more time and better care.

hassel free

Insurance-Free  & Hassle-Free

We don’t accept insurance but don’t let that scare you. Our patients save money with Celebrate Primary Care. We can help you find the best combination of our service with health insurance or healthcare sharing that will save you money plus give you the best quality.


We’re Here for You wHEN YOU NEED CARE.

You are busy and traditional medical practices don’t fit your schedule. Imagine a healthcare provider that knows you, and is only an email or text away. At Celebrate Primary Care, office visits are included but often not needed because you have direct access to your provider via email or text.

More Than 100 Businesses Have Signed Up

Saving money and getting higher quality healthcare sounds too good to be true, but because we have taken insurance companies out of the primary healthcare equation, costs come down. Over one hundred businesses have signed up to give their employees a membership with Celebrate Primary Care. A membership with us gives the employee what they need, personal and convenient health care. While this is not a substitute for health insurance, (many of our members do carry health insurance and we encourage all of them to do so) it is access to primary health care. This means employees can stay healthier and spend less time out of work due to illness. Employers love us. Employees love us. We know you're going to love us too!

See What Businesses Are Saying About Celebrate Primary Care

As a business owner it’s a huge benefit for me knowing that my employees have access and can get in and out quickly.
— Kristin Birdsey, Education Station
I don’t know of a better benefit that I could give to my team. It’s a great value. I didn’t even hesitate.
— Scott Costello, Advantage Publishing